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David CopperfieldThe novel David Copperfield, written by Charles ogre, deals with thelife and times of David Copperfield. About a century ago in a small town inEngland, David was born(p) on a Friday at the stroke of midnight, which isconsidered a sign of bad luck. Davids bring has already died and his auntcomes to stay with him and his cause as this novel gets gain to a very slowstart. Soon David becomes aware that his mother has dealing with another manand asks one of his servants, "if you marry a person, and the person dies, whereforethen you may marry another person, maynt you?" David is immediately angeredthat his mother has betrayed his convey and goes off to live with his aunt. Awhile later, David goes back photographic plate but quickly gets into trouble and is sent offto discipline.      deuce uses gauzy description in his telling of this story and thereader merchant ship easy relate to the characters. The setting of a small town in England is old-hat in all of his novels, including Great Expectations. Thereason for this Dickens setting is because he was born in the town ofPortsmouth, England in 1812. Although as a schoolboyish chela he moved to Chathamwhere he experienced a pleasant childhood in which many scenes from hischildhood are intertwined throughout his novels. Dickens father was constantlyin debt and was eventually sent to jail. This memory was agonizing for youngCharles as years later he wrote "No words can express the secret agony of mysoul. I felt my early hopes of growing up to be a learned and distinguished man,crushed in my breast." This directly relates to Dickens discussion of David ina wine offer later in the novel. A couple of years later, Dickens attendsschool at the Wellington House Academy where he fell in love with Maria Beadnellbut her father opposed the marriage and cipher became of it. David Copperfieldis more of a biography of Dickens life made into manufacture than of just a regularstory about a boy. Dickens writing skills are apparent as he ties chapterstogether in an easy to understand novel where the writing seems to move alongswiftly. Dickens work is rich with metaphors and enjoyable to analyze as instatements such(prenominal) as, "he eats at one gulp exactly equivalent an elephant." This bookis a classic and may be considered his best work. in that location are times when thenovel moves slowly, but the positives outweigh the negatives and David

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